Digital Solutions for Intermodal M&R

  • Cost Control
  • Integrated Networking/API
  • Fleet Management & Optimization
  • Process & Strategy Mapping
  • Off-Hire Handling & Invoicing
  • Data Analysis
EOS Platform
EOS is a M&R management tool for intermodal operators.


  • Collaborative platform for use by shipping line, depot, leasing and survey representatives
  • Real-time management of repair cycle via a single user interface
  • Photographs, notes and other supporting documentation
  • Tariff checks, auto-approvals
  • Third-party claims
  • Repair history of each unit in the system
  • Mobile apps for surveyor and depot users
  • Real-time alerts for PTI, warranty, repeats, food grade, etc.
  • Multi-level auto approval rule matrix
  • Comprehensive data analysis tools

Infrastructure & Deliverables

  • Web-based transaction platform
  • Browser interface for depots, leasing companies, shipping lines and surveyors
  • Mobile app for gate moves, estimating, photos, approvals and inspections
  • Data and photos storage for the intermodal industry
  • Global 24x7 support
  • Open architecture, extensive front and back-end APIs
  • EDI, ISO and COA coding compliant
  • Multi-tenant or dedicated server infrastructure
  • On-premise deployment option

Photographs, notes and other supporting documentation


On Boarding

We provide support services to bring your trading partners on to the EOS platform. Consultation is provided to ensure adherence to standard procedures and quick on-boarding of all the parties using EOS.


Not all customers are the same and multiple legacy systems require M&R data. We provide customized integration services to ensure data exchange and interoperability with your existing systems.

On-line Chat

Our chat service is provided at a minimal price to ensure that your daily operations run smooth. 24 by 7 support is provided to ensure uninterrupted work flows.

Mobile Services

Real time data capture is important. We provide mobile apps for all user roles like M&R,surveyors, leasing company and depot to handle the estimates & photos. Also,app support offline feature for add estimates and photos. No more paper work.

Third Party Claims

It is easy to generate third party claims documents from EOS. All the necessary image and document handling is taken care of by the system.

Reporting Services

All the data collected by EOS can be of great help for analysis of your process flow and can be used as starting point to achieve your business goals. Reporting services are provided to get you customized reports as per your needs.

Real-time mobile access from anywhere in the world


Unified solution for all parties involved in M&R



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Technical Support


Skype: eosadvantage

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